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Thread: 225lbs easily?

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    225lbs easily?

    I hear people on this and several other boards say that a person that's 6'1 can get to 225lbs easily without hitting up gear. Now here's my prediciment, for the past year I've been experimenting to see what kind of dieting works for me. I've tried hoovering tons of food at a time and all I've prettymuch done is gained fat, no real strength gain or any lean muscle mass at all. I've tried eatting normally and I don't even gain weight at all. Basically a sample of what I eat now in a day:

    - 22 grams whey
    - 1 Chicken wrap
    - 2 Chicken breasts w/ Olive oil
    - Some dried fruit
    - Chicken sub
    - Natty PB sandwich
    - 2 glasses of 2% milk
    - 1 pear
    - 3 eggs

    What's recommended for someone in a situation like mine? I've been lifting for about 2 years now. It isn't an issue about gaining weight, its an issue about gaining quality mass, I could be 300lbs fatty if I wanted to since I use to be obese.

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    my recomendation:
    find your daily and weekly calorie maintnance totals (where u gain or lose no weight)

    now make sure to ad at least 500 cals to each day
    make sure to make these and all cals quality carbs, protiens and fats,

    time your meals for the most efficient absorbtion
    Huge breakfast and postworkout meals
    Definately take in protien before bed
    Never let your body fall into catabolism, simple way to do this is to never let yourself get hungry and try to keep your stomach somewhat full.

    A good idea would be to use rALA with all high protien meals. Also creatine.

    A big improvement I noticed in my physique was when I finally started taking in about 1 gram of protien per pound. For me this is around 230 grams a day.
    This was not as hard as it sounds. Where I would eat a can of tuna, I would eat 2 cans instead. I would double my meat (red, chicken)

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    the two things i noticed that started to help me put on size were:
    -Post Workout Shake w/50g Whey, 75-80g Dextrose followed 30-60 minutes later by moderate to high protien w/very high carbs
    -Mid-night shakes, if I wake up in the middle of the night throw down protien shake w/some flax oil

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    Here's what I'm doing and I've noticed I've added weight:

    24 calories per lb: e.g. if you're 180lbs, then you'll need 4,250 cal/day
    Protein: 25%
    Carbs: 60%
    Fat: 15%

    Because it's a lot of food per day I'm having trouble gettnig up to that, but it's my goal. I've been training like a son-of-***ch for the past two years with little change in weight, but dropped 9% BF. Now I'm going all out - strictly creating a muscle friendly nutrient environment for growth - I'll cut up later.

    If you find that you're putting on too much fat drop calories down.
    Also, if you're not at that much food yet, take your time, don't get there too quickly or you might notice an increase in body fat.


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    As stated by some other bros, you must time your meals correctly to take advantage of anabolic periods throughout the day. For bulking, you could try 500 calories over your maintenance as stated by Umberto. Try to eat 1.5-2 grams of protein for each pound of bodyweight and MAKE DA MN SURE to have a postworkout shake with protein and dextrose 50g/80-90g, then eat a solid meal an hour later containing protein and complex carbs in the same amount. The amount you consume will change depending on your size, but you should get the idea.
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    First, anyone making a blanket statement that anyone that's 6'1 can easily be 225 lbs without gear is an idiot and you shouldn't listen to anything they say. There are different body types and body frames. A person that's 6'1 with thin bones and has never been able to put on fat or muscle is not going to get up to 225 lbs, even with steroids . Age is also a huge factor.

    As far as your question, it seems like your diet is okay and you're getting plenty of protein. I would have to disagree with what other people are saying about eating a little more than what your body needs, because you used to be obese and unless you had surgery, you still have the fat cells in you, they're just empty, so they will fill up before your muscles get to use it. Stick to your deit the way it is, keep it at a maintenance level for your current weight and work on your workout rutine. Your problem doesn't seem to be food, it's your training. Your inability to gain strength indicates you have hit a platau since you have worked out for 2 years. Change up your excercises, your schedule, etc, or try some pro-hormones.

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