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    Help with a clean bulk diet

    Age: 19
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 189
    Bodyfat: 10-12%

    I have been training for one year and have never bulked (welll, there was a period where i did bulk but it was unhealthy as well as just plain fattening) and the only kind of dieting i have been used to or know anything about is cutting and losing weight.

    What caloric range should i maintain a day for a clean bulk? What about Protein, Carbs and Fat / day?

    any suggestions are appreciated

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    Some suggest 18 calories per pound of bodyweight to gain. Depends on metabolism though. As for protein, I'm not an advocate for huge amounts of protein. I think if you are getting at least 1 gram per pound of bodyweight, you're good to go.

    Quality is more important than quantity. Choose good proteins, slowerer GI foods and get the best bang for your buck. Eggs, lean beef, chicken, cottage cheese, whole grains, oatmeal, etc.

    Finally, journal everything so you can make adjustments along the way.

    - LLB

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    Though you will get a lot of opinions on this, IMO you need to take in 1.6-1.8g protein per lb. Clean foods are the best. Stay away from processed foods as much as possible. Tobey is a great source for ideas. Also, check out the "Caloric intake" chart on the educational threads and also "Insulin " on the educational threads. I'm not telling you to use insulin but it gives a good description of raising insulin levels naturally and a good description of the GI chart foods.

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    llbeastcd: is that you in the pic? if so how tall r u and fucken dam u got big neck and good body

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