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    Check out this diet plzzzzzzzzzzz...

    Im 25 5'7" 155lbs 10%bf, I just came of a cycle whick broght me up to 175lbs, i lost most of it beacuse i didnt do PCT, i went into a catabolic stage.

    NOw im starting my second cycle. And i will have correct PCT. But i want ot know if my diet that i show here is sufficent calories and protien>>>>>>

    7AM- Protien shake, Bagel with salmon, 2-eggs

    9AM- 2-eggs, cheicken breast

    11:45-Lunch---Chicken, pasta, potatos..

    3PM- Protien Bar, Tuna sandwich

    6PM-Protien Shake

    9PM Dinner- Fish, Steack or salad......

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    If your bulking then IMO you need carbs at 9am, 6pm and poss 9pm

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    There are so many diet critique thread recently, please do some research.

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