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    How much carbs intake do i need for bulking?

    Well im 160lbs, 5'7", 9%BF..But i want ot bulk up
    Currently i have an intake of 260G of protien ED, 4000 Calories, ED.....How much carbs should i be taking?

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    If you don't mind putting on some fat and it's hard for you to gain weight, then take in as much carbs as you can. If you're just trying to put on muscle and don't want to put on any fat, then you have to figure it out based on your activity level. Start off with about 100 grams of carbs and the more active you are, add more carbs. If keeping fat at bay is a problem then start with 50 grams of carbs.

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    Let's see your 4000 kcal dietary outline for days you weight train and days you do not weight train. 260 protein grams is barely over 1000 kcals, so I'm really curious as to what the other 3000 kcals come from.


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    i was wondering the same thing swole.

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    I did...

    4000 cal p/day:
    500g carbs
    300g protein
    the rest of the calories were made up by the fats

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    my suggestion would be to take a look at the bulking sticky thread on the top of the page....even though you need proper amounts of cals/pro/fat/carbs you still want to control insulin levels and three carb meals per day should be sufficient (morning, post workout shake, and post workout meal). Doing this may help with fat increase (as in not so much of it).

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