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    Blood type / bodyfat???

    Is there any relation to blood type and bodyfat levels??? I have heard this in the past and didn't think too much of it until today when i asked someone who used to be with the big boys in venice. I asked him about sleep, BF, size and cytomel and his first response was "what is your blood type"...

    I'm not sure, but i think it is O? He said he needed to eat burgers and fries to get really tight and maintain muscle???

    any thoughts???

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    I have never heard anything about this.
    Seems to me that it would not matter, but then again.....
    Any takers on this one? I'm stumped!

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    DOn't know about that one. DId some research and the only really interesting thing I could find was a study from the university of Washington on "Novel pathways regulating appetite and energy balance"
    An excerpt; Researchers described a key mechanism of cross-talk between leptin and insulin in the hypothalmic control of appetite. Both leptin and insulin are known to have an inhibitory effect on food intake as both modulate hypothalmic neuronal activity similarly and both have receptors in the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalmus. It was generally thought that the similarities could not extend their modes of action. Insulin stimulates acute intracellular effects through plasma membrane receptor signaling whearas leptin is thought to have chronic effects through induction of gene transcription via a Jak/STAT pathway.
    Thats just a brief excerpt. Basically, the study is looking at is leptin resistance in mantaining obesity. I emailed the research group and posed the question of this study in regards to weightlifters/athletes. I am interested in their response and will let you know.

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    Re: Blood type / bodyfat???

    Originally posted by BigDog_329x
    Is there any relation to blood type and bodyfat levels??? I have heard this in the past . . .
    I have met people who are firmly convinced that there is a relationship between blood type and diet; this is the first time (although not totally unexpected) that I've heard it related to B/F levels.

    The school of thought essentially goes, "Well, you've got blood type X, so you should be eating potatoes but not rice." What I have never seen, however, is evidence for such claims. Virtually everything about the concept of blood type being related to diet (or bodyfat, for that matter), is anecdotal (meaning that it has no scientific or empirically proven basis).

    It is a well known fact that your body fat levels will be impacted by, among other things, your ethnicity and your family history (in other words, campers, there's a lot to be said for heridity), not to mention your diet. That's why, when you read statements like "Greeks tend to have less body fat because they use olive oil instead of corn oil," you'll generally find at least one empirical study behind it.

    But as for the notion of blood type in and of itself affecting anything in this area, my own take is that it falls under what the French might all merde de boeuf (translated literally, feces of beef or, well, you know . . .).

    Great question, though, BigDog!

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