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    beatin it up...

    Apology to Swolecat and others...

    Things around here has been really ****ty lately. I lost my brother and some friends to a drunk driver, uncle's in the hospital with cancer, and another friends' tried to commit suicide. With that being said, I have been to say the least, rude. Although, I did not agree with the thread making fun of one of our members I still made some racist comments and was beligerent to other members in other threads. You guys on here have always helped me when I needed it and I really appreaciate it. I was wrong with my comments and there is no reason for the hateful and rude comments made by me. I hope all who I offended can accept my sincere apology. God bless.


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    Holy cr*p! That's cool of you bro. I just responded in the other thread giving you credit for your information and thinking to myself "this guy is a good guy, I know this, I can tell", then I come to the main screen again and see this.

    You're pretty classy to do something like this, much appreciated!


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