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    I need some advice.

    I have a few questions for you that will be very helpful for me in the developing of my training schedule.

    First let me give my description I'm 6.0" tall and 183 lbs and 12% bodyfat.
    I'm not a bodybuider I'm a very good swimmer that use to compete at highschool and college and now just for maintaining my self in good shape united with weight lifting 3 times a week and eventualy runing or kickboxing.

    I swim at least 3 times a week at high intensity 2500 yards in 1hour and a 15 min more or less.

    I'm doing a short cycle just to pump up some muscle, I was 175 lbs two weeks ago and now 183 lbs.
    My cycle consists in:
    Sust 250 1-4week 500mgs xweek
    Winny Depot 3-6week 150mgsxweek.
    Clomid 7-9week 300, 150,100,50 mgs.

    I'm eating right now around 5 times a day with a diet of aprox 4200 kcal.

    My questions are basically:
    I just want to gain some quality muscle, not excesive mass and water retention, don't want to look huge but just thin,lean and cutted (that's why I decided to do a very short cycle with sust and winny), therefore I want to know if this is the way to go? I mean eating like I'm eating until I finish the cycle and then start eating as normal which is basically some carbs in the morning with protein same at lunch and no more carbs after 4:00 PM, which actually makes me look quite lean all the time.
    Will this decrease in my diet result in burning the muscles that I made during the cycle?
    How can I maintain my gains in muscles for the longest period of time?
    any comments will be very helpful,

    thanks in advance,

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    look up the steriod forum..

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    Post a daily for training days, one for off days. We can then assist you.

    You have your focus on the gear, now have the focus on the nutrition which is where it should begin.


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