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    Question Diet progress...

    Since everyone always asks and never posts any god **** updates so here is my annoying self bring it to you:
    I started right after christmas at 250 with a 42 inch waist now being 2/1 im down to 235 and a 39 inches.. i go by the mirror and try not to get on the weight to much since it can be discoureging at times. in the process all my strenght seem to stay the same, well maybe every now and then i loose a rep or two on an set. my squat went up 250 (even thought thats pethatic), a 25 lbs increase.. i was just wondering how all of you guys are doing.. ?

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    One up on you
    Well I am at 3 weeks and a couple days... I can tell I have lost a lot of body fat. My abs are starting to pop out now, I can clearly see my 6 pack. My back and legs are getting tone too. I actually have increased my strength while cutting somehow?? Who knows, but I am probably right around 11-12% body fat right now. I hope to be at 9-10% at the 8 week mark.


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    I'm doing well considering I'm prepping for pics WHILE doing my knee re-hab. Pretty hard to convince your body to get totally shredded when you've had double knee surgery 6 months ago and are in the healing process, but I'm doing all I can.
    Pics pretty soon, but not stage type 3% bodyfat.........more like 6-7 for these pics, but that's fine, as I'm supposed to be a bit bigger than normal, not all sucked up and what not. (Submitting a portfolio for extra work and was told to be a bit bigger and fuller than my usual self).

    No wings for me on SB Sunday!


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