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Thread: cutting diet?

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    cutting diet?

    i just want to knwo if this diet would be good for cutting. im 6'0' 195 and i want to lose some bodyfat.

    1st meal
    2 eggs 4 egg whites
    1/2 cup oatmeal
    protein shake with flax

    2nd meal
    2 chicken brests cut up and put in salad

    3rd meal
    4 slices of turkey lunch meat
    4 slice of ham lunch meat
    make turkey/ham roll up things
    green beans

    4th meal
    2 chicken brests
    1/2 cup rice

    5th meal
    Protein shake with flax

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    Is that a training day or an off day?

    What does your training look like? How many days a week?

    Cardio? Same thing as above........

    Then we can get to the breakdown you have there.


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