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    Strength and Diet

    Hello fellas, new to the board. I am a powerlifter, bench only because of hip arthritis, and I am trying to put together a diet to lose some bodyfat and still gain strength. I started doing cardio by riding a stationary bike. I bike 20 min. am, and 20 min pm. I know cycling is low impact, but I can't do anything weight barring on my hip. I have switched my diet to carbs from only grains,whole wheat, and veggies. I used to follow 300 grams of protien and what ever else slides down my throat. I decided to drop my carbs under 300. I weight 280. I have also greatly reduced sugar from my diet.

    I guess my question is, how much cardio do you do before you notice any effects, if any, on your strength levels. I'm thinking since cycling is such low impact and lower body only, I should be okay.

    Also, as far as dieting goes I was told to avoid "white flour". Why is wheat some much better then white? I have also eliminated carbs all together after 7:00pm, but I think I might add some carbs around 9, I go to bed around 12. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Best way for pure fat loss is first thing in the morning before eating as your body is in a catabolic state. 45 minutes at 75-80% max heartrate. Good luck on your goals and keep us posted!

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    I don't know about the cardio question..but WHOLE wheat flour is better than white because it contains fiber, and it digested more slowly. White flour is absorbed almost as quickly as sugar is...leading to insulin spikes, possible fat storage, low energy levels and more carb cravings.

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