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    Unrealted Diet Post...Just want to say Thanks

    This week i have been all over the board probably pissing people off for my pm's, lack of knowleged posts and all the other BS i do here. Just wanted to say thanks to all the big dogs giving me info to help me be more knowledged on these topics

    Speacial Thanks To:
    Rambo, Usual Suspect, Bigsd67, SwoleCat and anyone else i for got

    Hey Swole Your even wild input helps LOL It keeps me inline Thanx Man

    a.k.a Clubbinkid

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    Wow a big flattered....any time bro..we were all newbies at some point with burning questions...i learned most of my knowledge of dieting and roids on this very board...i do read research studies, but these guys have a lot of experience, which holds well. Keep on coming and learning your presence is always welcome.

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    Glad I could help.

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    Thanks for the thread, you're a good bro.


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