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    Not satisfied with results of last four me out.

    Alright i've been trying to cut for the last four weeks and haven't seen any change im starting at the beginning and asking people to double check my diet.
    Breakfast 2 whole eggs 4 egg whites 2 pieces of sausage
    lunch - low carb protien bar
    snack - shake
    dinner - 12 ounce hamburger with mustard
    then PWO shake.

    Been doing cardio 3 times a week, upped it this week to five, and lifting five days a week.
    Cardio is minimum 30 minutes usually 45 minutes on the treadmill.

    What can i be doing to help my progess. I have a cheat day on saturdays and may also just change that to a cheat meal.

    Help me out bros...i really wanna lean up.

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    1) Eat more (your metabolism must be in reverse from the lack of nutrients)
    2) Ditch the bars
    3) Cardio needs to be 6-7 days per week for 40-45 mins each session
    4) You have no adequate post-workout meals, I only see one.
    5) Your training day layout should look one way, and days off from training should appear another way.

    Those are major points I see, so I'd start there. Tons of threads here about this, read up!


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    with metal plates...
    yea..i think u ought to eat more..ur protein is like way too little? my 2 cents..

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