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    Fruit diet for BB'ers?? It's true

    Hello everyone,

    I gave this diet to Bigolegs and he said I should be posting this up to show everyone, this is the current diet i'm following. I've been on this diet for 4 months and I love it. Before i went on this diet I was doing the traditional 500g protein a day 300g carbs 40g fats etc. I find this diet works just the same in terms of strength and size gains, but I can control my B/F a lot easier.

    I friend of a friend gave this diet to me. If your reading this ED.. thanks

    Give me your thoughts, just make sure you read the science at the bottom before you jump on the bandwagon and say it won't work, I've showed the science to some doctors and they say It's sound.

    I'm also following Doggcrapps workout routine aswell as using this diet. Also personally I've recently decreased the amount of dried fruit. I found I was gaining too much fat, without the dried fruit I can control my fat levels a lot easier

    oats,mixed with no milk, only water, honey sprinkled on top
    fruit salad (pineapple, mago, apple, peach etc etc)

    10amish (pre, during and post workout meal/drink)
    one scoop whey protien powder (3og) blended with
    orange juice (or other fruit juice), 2 bananas, 2 raw eggs (whole),
    2 tablespoon of honey)

    fruit salad (same as before)
    fish, tuna, mackerel

    picking away at tupperware filled with dried fruit (dates, pineapple,
    banana, apricots, brazil nuts etc etc)

    same as 1pm

    same as 2:30pmish dried fruit

    oats with water and honey on top

    ok here's the reasoning, i should say this has been screened and given the
    all thumbs up by a pharmacist and expert in sports nutritional science

    there is a lot of fruit in this diet. either in raw form or dried up. this
    as we know is simple sugars consisting of mainly fructose and glucose. there
    is also not a ridiculous quantity of protien here either. there are reaons
    for this.

    first the carb issue

    when the body takes in carbs it will store them in one of three places.
    muscle tissue, liver or as bodyfat. it matters not what form of carbohydrate
    u are taking in whether it be complex in nature or simple, if it is complex
    it takes more time to digest, break down and get into the muscle cell or
    liver (or body fat if u r inactive).

    the brain cannot store evergy so where does it gets it's food from? the
    brain needs glucose to work properly and chooses to use the liver as a main
    supply. A healthy adult male can approximately store 75grams of carbohydrate
    maximum. The brain requires 10 grams of glucose per hour to function
    properly. Therefore you have a MAXIMUM of 7.5hrs supply of energy directly
    to the brain via the liver. The brain is a greedy organ. it consumes the
    same amount asleep as awake. Now what happens when the liver runs out and
    the brain needs to feed? this is a potential life threatening condition and
    if yer a diabetic this is called hypoglaeciemia and you DIE! luckily for us
    non diabetics it is not fatal. with the help of insulin we find a new supply
    of energy to the brain from somewhere else? any guesses? it is not from
    glycogen in the muscle cell, and it is not from adipose fatty tissue, it is
    from Muscle mass and protiens directly. yes we break down muscle tissue to
    supply the brain the energy it needs. So as a bb it should be our number one
    priority to NEVER EVER let our blood glucose levels drop so much that our
    liver is empty and there is nothing left so out brain uses muscle to fuel
    itself (the brain). This is why my diet is high in simpe good sugars such as
    fruit (glucose) and honey (fructose) throughout the day thus ensuring liver
    values are high all day long. The porridge and honey at night last thing
    before bed is an attempt to keep the liver happy whilst sleeping.

    During your workout your liver is emptied far quicker than normal especially
    high intensity. by drinking orange juice, bananas and honey with eggs and
    powder i am ensuring no drop in liver values and using the window of
    opportuntuity to force some protiens in the muscle cell too.

    i only consume complex carbs first thing in the morning and last thing at
    night. after that i just keep topping it up throughtout the day.


    i have come to understand that the rule of 1-2grams of protien per pound of
    bodyweight is overkill at best. perhaps it is not quantity of protien that
    counts but quality.

    understand this. macro nutrients and micro nutrients are very fragile at
    best. by not eating something fresh it degrades and loses it's potency. Once
    you undergo a heating prcedure with any food group it has become denatured
    and the protiens and carbs becom 'bad'. the body finds it difficult to
    digest and get anything good outt them. they become mutagenic. Look at the
    animal kingdom. do they cook there food before they eat it? no they don't,
    and neither did we use to. we used to eat EVERYTHING RAW that way our
    biology was designed to use.
    what if instead of eating vast amounts of protien we instead took in as
    little as 50-100grams per day but this time the source was fresh uncooked
    and unspoiled. something like sashimi or sushi perhaps? would we grow better
    then? of course now we can't eat raw meat or chicken fresh, our bodies don't
    have the anti bodies to cope, but we could if we had too. my point being,
    fish and raw egg is probably the greatest source of protien available to us,
    the less cooked the better. To give u some idea how fragile the amino acid
    chain can be, if we took an a raw egg, broke it, blended it, it is ****ed
    the chain is dentatured and the protiens become 'dirty'. we will get
    something out of it but not as much as if we just swallowed the thing
    without blending it.
    cooking food makes it become mutagenic and bad for our bodies. eating as
    much raw food the better. i am not saying never have a hot meal again, but
    just be aware.

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    Interesting prepared it to be heavily criticized, but I like hearing about new ideas and possibilities. I'm not gonna start eating my body weight in fruit, but it's an interesting concept.

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    Different? Yes. Applicable to the majority of people into fitness looking to increase/keep lean mass and drop bodyfat only? No.

    If it works for you, cool, but from lookin' over the plan, I know of about 4 other approaches that would work for you as well and far better. The traditional diet you were on before this was a regular "higher carb" approach, hence the sub-par results.
    There was a thread like this on Elite that turned into a flame war as the creator actually thought a fruit diet was the end all to diets, and needless to say, that's very waaaaaaaaaaaay out there.

    If it's workin' for ya though, great! That is what it's all about.


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    First, I will tell you, about 15 years ago or so, I had a very hard time putting on weight. I guess I was about 5'11 and around 125 lbs. I tried every diet I could think of. I tried eating several times a day, weight gain shakes, junk food, drinking beer, eating ice cream at night, nothing worked for me. I pretty much gave up and for some reason I went on a pretty much all fruit diet, and I suddenly gained like 5-10 lbs. I tried it again some years later and I didn't gain anything, but I did maintain my weight.

    Your science is a bit off though. Carbs aren't stored in the body (normally, nor in the traditional sense). The body uses carbs as a first source of energy. Carbs are burnined in the bodies cells and I'll stop there. The part about the brain is a little off also. There is a difference between glucose and glycogen (the stored form of glucose) but you only mentioned glucose as powering the brain. The brain will take almost any carb for power and will make the body create it's own carbs if it needs more. I'm staying very basic here on purpose but I can go into more detail when people start to say I'm wrong.

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    First off, i dont think that the brain uses as much glucose during sleeping vs. fact im darn sure.

    However, that is arbitrary really. I see what you are saying about the whole keeping your brain happy with stored glucose, however, i dont think that the small amount of muscle that you would spare would be worth the fat you would gain.

    Again, if this works for you then great.

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    Even though is simple sugar, thats alot of sugars coming from that fruit, high in carbs

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDMSilviaSpecR
    Even though is simple sugar, thats alot of sugars coming from that fruit, high in carbs
    Most fruits though I never worried too much and even count them in my carb intake just because they go in and out of you in a heartbeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBarcelo
    Carbs aren't stored in the body (normally, nor in the traditional sense).
    Yes they are in the form of glycogen primarily in the muscles and liver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMC78
    Yes they are in the form of glycogen primarily in the muscles and liver.

    Glycogen in the muscles and liver are not the carbohydrates that we ingest. Our body makes glycogen to be stored in the muscles and liver for a second source of energy. The carbohydrates that we ingest are not normally stored in the body as in fat cells, but they are stored in all of the body cells for short term energy.

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    We convert some ingested carbohydrates into glucose for cellular respiration (the same can be done with ingested protein or fat via glucogenesis). Some of them are polymerized and converted into glycogen. Just a chain of simple sugars, ergo a carbohydrate.

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