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    So F'in confused with my cutting diet

    Hey, its been about 2 and a half months and i am finally done bulking using swolecat's diet. I'm trying to formulate a cutting diet using the same amount of macronutrients i consumed on the bulk diet, but changing the type of macronutrients. This is what i have so far

    Off Days


    After 1 hour
    Meal1- pro/flax shake

    Meal2- pro/flax shake

    Meal 3- pro/veggie/fat

    Meal5- pro/veggie/fat

    Meal6- pro/flax

    TRAINING DAY-Same routine and meals as off days except for 2 PWO in meals at meal 5 and 6 consisiting of a pro/dex shake and a pro/carb solid meal.

    Is it wise to not conusme any complex carbs at all on off days? And should i reduce the amount of carbs i consume in both of my PWO shakes since when i was bulking i consumed 125 g of protein in each PWO meal. Please critique. Thanks in advance.

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    I'm no diet guru but you could consume like 20-30 grams of carbs, 1/2 cup of oatmeal or rice, like meal 5 off days if you want instead of the fat...I guess cut out the fat though on meal 6 in case the insulin levels are high....

    You should be getting the same KCal amounts during on and off days just that the fat replaces the carbs for the most part...I'd shoot for like 40-50 g protein each meal with like 13-15 g's of fat...You should come up with like 2000-2500 calories a day...

    Only problem I see is that you have a lot of shakes...Does that fill you up?? To each is your own...Just eat whole foods and drink lots of fluid!

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    For one thing, you should not be consuming the same amount of macros on a cutting diet as you would a bulking diet. You are right to change them, but you should also reduce overall calories. And I definitely don't understand why you would want to just drink shakes all day. I would never be able to stick to something like that.

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    i would definitely start reducing calories slowly while cutting so you dont do anything too drastic...and like the above in the hell can you stomach that much liquid?? also, you should know that liquid protein nutrients dont get absorbed as well as from solid foods as well as the vitamins and other nutrients.

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