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    Looking for a good diet for a female ....female or male input

    I need advice on for a female who wants to tone up but cut unwanted fat.

    any advice on a diet
    sample diet maybe

    i was lookng at the unofficial vut thread for a female but the average female wont follow that i feel unless there into bodybuilding

    just want a simple diet to cut the fat


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    basicly same thing as yours just adjust the cals..

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    well if you dont think that she will follow that then i would just tell her to cut out all junk food, eat low GI carbs such as Oats or Yams or Brown Rice; eat 5 servings of green veggies a day, increase her protein to about 1g per lb. of lean body mass, have her invest in some flax oil, seeds, or tabs and to incorporate weight lifting 3-4 days a week along side the cardio that she should be doing.

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    What do you think bodybuilding is? ultimately, changing body composition.."toning up" and "cutting unwanted fat." Women should do the same things men do for the most part, and if they want to look lean, they ARE "into bodybuilding" in a sense. However, if the female in question doesn't want to dedicate herself to anything too strict, tell her to reduce portion sizes, increase activity w/cardio and preferably weight training as well, and use the other suggestions above.

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