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    Atkins Info. in T-mag

    Here is some interesting info about Atkins being obese when he died.

    You may have read last week that low carb guru Dr. Atkins died obese and with heart problems. You may have thought, "Hmmm, this low carb diet stuff must be unhealthy and ineffective then." Well, you may be wrong.

    Turns out this is yet another story circulated (and mostly fabricated) by PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, through their fake "doctors" group, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

    The real story is that 72 year old Atkins fell on the ice, suffered a head injury and ended up in a coma. While in the coma and just before he died, his major organs failed and his body bloated up with 60 pounds of fluid, which is quite common in that situation.

    And what about his heart disease? It was the result of cardiomyopathy and caused from a viral infection, not his diet.

    PETA/PCRM should be ashamed of themselves for twisting this into an "Atkins was fat" story and reporting it to major newspapers. And the newspapers should know by now that the PCRM is a front group for the now functionally insane PETA organization

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    This is good to know...but it bothers me that people think the health of ONE man can determine whether or not a diet is healthy. Whether or not Dr. Atkins was in good health when he died is irrelevant. He could have just been lucky, or unlucky. Large-scale studies are what people should be concerned with.

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