I was 5 weeks into my precontest diet and was going good. Dropped 15 really quick. But said F**K it! I didnt not like the size i put on this year. So since i am in the dieting mode i wanna good off season diet that will help me pack on good quality size. I am 5'9 235lbs currently. Last year show i was 203lbs. I wanna come in 2005 at at least 215lbs. If thats possible. Never followed an offf season diet before. I have been 265, 242 (powerlifting weight) to like i said 203. I am also in need of suggestions on my supplements but thats in another forum.

Anyone? Swollcat, you are the guru. But i know there are alot of smart guys and girls out there, i read so come on with some suggestions! Thanks