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    2 PWO needed after cutting workout regimen?

    Hey i know to keep the liquid pwo meal carbs relatively high, but should i also consume the same amount of carbs in my solid 2nd PWO meal or cut the carbs in half?

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    in the solid pwo meal you should consumre about 40-50 grams of carbs.. i go by 1/4th of my weight.. meaning 200 lbs = 50 grams and so on..

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    Will, you amaze me w/your change of direction brutha! You are asking cutting questions here, and asked me bulking/Sup2 questions at my board directly this a.m. in a public forum there. (knowing I'd have to answer your concerns in e-mail not on the board, consultation or not) I'm totally confused as to what type of diet you are on as of now, or what your goals are.

    As I stated in my p.m., what is your direction? Please see my instruction as well about posting at my forums bro, thanks. It's hard to give advice to you when you are posting all over the place w/different goals. Just trying to help and finalize the questions you are asking, as they are very broad in nature such as the one above. One may tell you to cut carbs totally out, some may say have the same amount, we don't know what you are doing goal wise. Not only that, your plan of attack the other 23 hours of the day will have some bearing on the answer you should arrive at. This thread says cutting, others are bulking............Dunno about you, but it is confusing. Most here are sticking to one plan and updating on progress, getting more advice, keeping logs in the signatures, etc. Just something you may wish to think about doing to help keep a straight line to the results you wish to obtain.


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