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    Angry HYDROLIZED whey and dumbsf*cks who work at nutrition stores.

    So I went to this place called Nutri-Sport to buy some shaker bottles. They had a pretty good deal on them. Anyways, while I'm there he asks me if I'm good on
    protein and I said yeah. He asks me where I get it and I told him the interenet.
    He asked the name and I told him Pro-Rated. He never heard of it.

    He told me just to be sure it was HYDROLIZED and then something about cow hooves and me only absorbing 3% of the protein that I take in. I kind of tuned the guy out because he is younger than me and everytime I go in there he talks to me like i've never set foot in a gym.

    So, what's the deal, what the hell is HYDROLIZED?????

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    Taken from a Newsletter online, don't have the actual location as of now.......


    Many companies will tout Hydrolyzed protein as the greatest thing since the wheel. Hydrolyzing is a form of predigesting the protein to make it more absorbable when eaten. The problem is that the micro fractions, which are so valuable in protein, are often times damaged when hydrolyzing it. Not only that, but hydrolysis makes the protein taste bitter. Most of the time, pure hydrolyzed protein is so bitter that it's almost impossible to make it taste good without putting so much flavoring into it that it now resembles a meal replacement formula more than pure protein, due to all the added carbohydrates for the flavoring. Chances are that only a very small percentage of the mix is actually hydrolyzed protein (check your label.) Hydrolysis also increases cost so why would you want to pay more for something that tastes bad and gets damaged during the process?


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    You're the man Swole. Many thanks. RR

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    hydrolized **** is CRAP

    dont short change yourself bro. cold filtered/processeed protein is the best

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    beatin it up...
    Quote Originally Posted by Brazy
    cold filtered/processeed protein is the best
    that procedure and ion exchange whey is good.

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