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Thread: Finally....

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    One up on you


    I was able to cheat without going into a complete binge! I am so proud of myself.

    And instead of taking a whole day, I just ate 3 meals last night that I felt like eating.

    Here's how it went:

    First cheat meal: PB&J sandwhich w/ Small Cup of vanilla ice cream/chocolate protein powder mixed into it & 2 cookies

    Next Meal: 2 Bowls of High Fiber Cereal (which I love) w/ Skim milk, and then 2 air heads

    Last Meal: Some more PB....w/ a few more cookies & some chocholate protein powder mixed into sugar free pudding.

    All in all satisfied my urge to cheat now for this week, and didn't make me feel like **** like I usually do. This was all over a 5 hour period. Now I feel like I am good to go for another week

    By the end of this week I am going to take some pictures to show my progress from the pics I posted a month ago, there is a drastic change. Thanks for all the help with everything guys and for the support. This dieting business is tough stuff.


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    congrats on the self on the other hand, well i wont get into how bad my cheat day was....i dont think im gonna wanna cheat for the next year. :spudnikhu:

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    **** i took my cheat day off yesterday.. then some friends invited me to this awesome italian restaurant.. boy i wanned to jump on the pasta bowl like a priest on a lil boy.. i just kept repeating to my self.. sacrafice today for a better tommorow over and over and over and over..

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