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Thread: Diet help

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    Diet help

    Hi Everyone,
    I am new to the board but have been reading for the past couple of weeks. I Have a little problem and thought if anyone could help it would be someone from this board you all seem very smart.
    my problem is that i can not seem to find a Diet that will work for me.and was hopeing someone here could help with one.
    I am 5'10'' 200lbs and work out 5 days a week.i also run for a mile every workout. But i can not seem to get my love handles to go away. can someone help with a diet plan??
    All of you're help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Runing a mile doesnt seem like much to me every workout. If you are running 8 miles an hour (and I run 9mph) that works out to about 7 minutes five days a week. You seriously need to up that in my opinion.

    I terms of your diet, what are you currently eating? I do low carb. Other people do low calorie, either will work. Love handles are a sign of high bf% and so what you are really looking to do is lower your bf% and your love handles will go away.

    One other thing: what's your ab routine. Are you targeting your obliques?

    I have been on the same quest and am now experiencing the problem of having lost too much weight and people are beginning to tell me I look too thin. My frustration at this point is that the lower abs are not as tight as I would like, but my love handles are pretty much gone. You can do it too.

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    LI, NY... where it seems like everyone is on gear.
    Total agreement with beenie.

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