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    diet plan needs critique

    I made a base diet plan after reading around for a while. I haven't calculated the total carbs, protein, calories etc... yet but it will be the same food but just more of it. If you have any suggestions on what I've got please post your input. Also I read around for a while and didn't really find anything on how I should make my PWO meal or if I could find it somewhere pre-made or a mix. i was thinkin 40 protein, 45 dex and 45 carbs. The times are wierd but its the best i could do considering im 17 and i still go to school and have a part-time job. BTW im 6'0 240 lbs.

    4 egg whites
    2 english muffins / peanut butter

    1 can tuna
    15 ml flaxseed oil

    1 protein shake (optimum nutrition strawberry)
    1 yogurt
    1 apple

    1 peanut butter and banana sandwich /w wholewheat bread
    5 ml flaxseed oil

    2:00-4:30 football training (weights + agility/speed drills)


    Cottage cheese ( not sure how much yet)
    10 ml flaxseed oil
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    What are your goals? I ask only because I see things like english muffins w/pb, yogurt, etc....foods that are not really optimal if you are aiming to shed pure bodyfat. You are 17, yes, and you are growing, but you can still pattern your meals to receive all the nutrition you need, yet meet your goals of leaning out or adding lean mass.


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    without critquing each meal i can tell you a few things...for one many people including myself will say that combining carbs and fats in a meal is a recipe for fat the peanutbutter and banana sandwhiches gotta split as well as the english muffins and PB and the oats and flax.....if you are cutting look at the sticky unofficial cutting guide above...if bulking check out the Gaining Lean Mass sticky thread above.. both provide good plans depending on your goals (which you should state) and then after reading those you may want to rethink your diet plan and post it.

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    I am so dumb. I was thinking it but forgot to type it. I am bulking for football. I did read the sticky and i read some of what some of the other bulking members posted as what they eat. That is how i came up with this. I pretty much chose whatever looked good and combined them.

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