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    Cutting stalled need some direction

    Meal 1. 1-2 whole eggs and about 7 egg whites
    meal 2. shake/bar
    Meal 3 usually a package or can or two of tuna
    meal 4. hamburger or chicken breast 10-16 ounces depending.
    meal 5. Usually a tuna sandwich with cheese on wheat bread before workout.
    meal 6. PWO shake w/oats.

    This is more or less my daily diet. I've added some green beans and other fibrous carbs through the day but not much. My total carb intake is probably around 50 "impact"carbs or less a day. Cardio is 4-5 days a week for 45 minutes and i lift five days a week.

    I started at the beggining of feb above 20% and weighed 209 and am sitting around 17%bf now. I've been taking test prop and am weighing 204. I'd like to get below 15% in the next 4 or 5 weeks with my ultimate goal sub 13%. Problem is the last couple weeks i haven't witnessed any changes in body composition. What can i change or do. Im about to give up all together.

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    well your PWO needs to be changed to shake with dextrose and your pre workout meal should be eaten as a second post workout meal one hour after your shake but without any mayo or cheese. also im not a huge fan of wheat bread, but it'll do or if you want eat tuna and oats for this meal. no mayo though. DONT GIVE UP BRO! I've been goin at it strong for 4 months now.....shoot me a PM if you need anymore tips.

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    well, the reason for eating that before the workout is energy enough to push all the way through and its usually only one slice of bread anyhow. My workout is from 9:30 to 11 usually and my day starts around seven each morning so i really dont have a chance for a post post workout meal.

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    If you think like "I don't have a chance" , "I can't do this", etc., you are going to remain stagnant. You have to plan, and make changes, or you won't progress.

    Also, eating bread before working out doesn't contribute to energy for your workout, as it's not digested and ready to be utlized until about 4-6 hours after ingesting it.


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