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    carbs while cutting...

    Im pretty sure i understand the theory of a pro/carb meal after workin out to get an insulin spike. But besides this, is there any good reason to purposely be consuming carbs on a cut cycle? For instance, i see alot of people including oatmeal in the mornings. My diet roughly consists of protein shakes and water, tuna, chicken, lean beef, egg whites, and maybe some f. free cottage cheese, rotating these foods from day to day to meet protein and caloric requirements. I never purposely consume carbs except post workout.

    If so, why would i want to do this? (purposely add carbs to my cutting diet)
    What time of day should they be consumed at?
    What are specific examples of these carbs?

    Thanks for the help guys,


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    I'm cutting and have recently added oats in the AM (meal 1) after cardio with a protein source (no fat). I know this is sacrilege and will halt lipolysis but here is why... It curbs all other carb cravings that I use to get throughout the entire day.

    Also, a wise man (Rambo) once said "Carbs are handled by the body efficiently in the AM and PWO." Therefore, I don't fret the insulin reactivity, plus oats are low GI and I only eat 1/2 cup with splenda.

    It may be mental but my evening weight training and all cardio sessions seem more intense and I don't get as worn down during them.

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    Carbs when cutting are ideal PWO and PPWO..but I have oats on mornings i dont do my logic, on cardio days, you have all that morning activity to jolt your metab and u continue it with a thermic protein/fat breakfast...however, on non-cardio days, you need the low GI oats to get your metab up and running b4 ur sugar level is low for too long and ur metab goes down. Plus, you restore some of your muscle glycogen so u dont completely bust at the gym. IMO, oats on AM cardio days are fine too although your results may be slower (although still there)...

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    well all i can say is that in the end if you are consuming oats in the morning after cardio and are still seeing good results then why would you want to stop if you enjoy it?

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    i eat my carbs with my first meal,second meal all protien,3rd meal is in the form of pwo carb/protien drink(train in the am),4th meal all protien.then btwn 4th and 5th i get my 45min of cardio it a bad idea to have another pwo carb/protien drink at this time while trying to cut.because this is what i do.i'm not sure if this is the best of ideas..and then my 6th meal is fish before bed....can someone shed some lite on my after cardio meal and what would be best...thanks

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