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    Well when I started working out I was 6'1", 165 pounds. Doesn't sound very big, I'm 18 and I was pretty defined, it was pretty much all muscle. Anyways I probably tripled my calorie intake and took protein shakes as well as creatine. I'm about 200 pounds now, but I'd say I gained 5 pounds of muscle and probably 30 of fat. I'd rather look how I did before, I looked 100x better. Although I'm stronger, this isn't what I was hoping for. I was hoping for the same physicque. Anyway to go back to how I was before summer?? I can't even see my 6 pack anymore. It sucks... any help would be good.

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    I can't give you anabolic advice but I'll bet ten bucks all the guys that can here will tell to : Do the research
    Get into a solid workout routine
    Go back and read all the past forums because there is alot of advice there
    start with a new diet
    The guys here are pretty serious about a person doing all they can naturally to get into great shape naturally before considering juicing.
    me , I guess I would suggest maybe taking up a martial arts class. You get respect for the teacher's moves and decide you wanna be like him so you begin doing what he says. If he fails he can't stay in business so he'll whip you into awesome shape. Thats my best- good luck

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    well you made no mention of juicing so im not even gonna address anything on that. definitely read up on the diets in here. check out rambo's sticky thread on the unofficial way to cut. it's pretty hard core, but it works well. my results on it are posted in my signature. once you figure out a diet then we can critique it and let you know what to do. take care.

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