Hey guys, I don`t know if any of you remember the 'ABCDE" diet that was introduced back in 96 or 97 but in a nutshell is was..

Two weeks of a very high calorie/carb diet followed by two weeks of a low calorie/low carb diet.

I tried this a few years ago before and really didn`t follow the low calorie part of it well (I hate cutting diets) so I can`t say how well it worked, however feedback from many people was generally good, although many seemed to gain more fat on the bulking weeks, and some felt they lost too much muscle during the cutting weeks.

What I`ve done is cut each cycle down to a week, my thinking here is to eliminate the most or all of the fat gain while bulking and stop the muscle wasting during the cut weeks.

Now I know most people will say a week isn`t enought time to gain mass or lose fat. This is probably correct when someone has been on maintainence calories for any extended period of time and tries to do add lean mass or drop fat mass...but lets assume the body is used to 2000 calories a day for a while. What is happening? (assuming the person is not on steroids or other drugs) Metabolism is low, fat loss is slow or stopped. Now throw the gears in complete reverse...we go to maybe 5000 cal per day. What happens? Metabolism sky rockets, your muscles get full, hormones such as testosterone etc increase, which helps provides the neccesary condition to bulid muscle. Now we slam gears in reverse once more, and go back down to 2000 calories. The body is now in a perfect fat loss mode, metabolism is very high since we have only been on high calories for 7 days and fat loss should be easier than normal and hopefully not to much lean mass will be lost in only 7 days.
Background info: I have done Finaplix before many times, on and off for about 2 years I`ve never done any other steroid except legal crap like prohormones etc. I have been off EVERYTHING except creatine and that is it for about two months. When I am on fina my bodyweight is around 210 and about 10-12% BF, when I`m off and eating a maintainence diet my body weight is usually about 195 ish with same BF percentages. I have never been over 199lbs when off Fina...never.

Now this diet is just all friggin theory here but I`ve already put it to test, two weeks ago I was on a general low calorie moderate carb diet, for about ten days (I got down to about 192 and a little less BF) and then came up with this, so I switched last sunday to the 1st bulk phase which ended last night and here is what happened so far.

Last night I ended up at 204.5 lbs...which I was stuck at since Friday night, I felt really good during the week, very pumped during workouts much more than usuall (however nothing like a Fina pump, but lets get real here) and I did not not notice any fat gain, although I felt like a had a watermelon permanently lodged in my abdomen during the day, but that`s it.

I`ve had two or three people I know at the gym ask if I was back on Fina again and told them what I was doing, none of them believed me, which I thought was cool. Keep in mind this is the first time I`ve been over 200 without the use of roids.

I am going to do this back to back until I see no results, then I prolly do some massive roid bulk cycle (because I figure then it will really be beneficial after I`ve naturally put on all the mass I can)
I will keep udating this post every so often so those of who who were kind and patient enough to read through my long winded post (sorry) can see my progress.

BTW the only supplements I was taking was protein, multi-vitamin, and about 600 mg of ALA (I think ALA really helps with keeping the fat at bay while bulking).