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    Diet Critique(long post)

    I have been hanging around the board for a few months. Until now I have just been reading posts and reasearching, and I have learned alot about nutrition and "chemicals". Now I want to get some advice.

    I have been training for 4 years and have done several cycles, the first two were very unproductive. It didn't take me long to realize that without a proper diet, no amount of drugs will get me to my goals. For the last year I have been working on cleaning up my diet and consuming proper amounts of protien. Once I felt like I had a handle on the nutrition I decided to start another cycle.

    January 1 I started my bulking cycle and contiued with my bulking diet. The cylce was pretty basic, Test Enan & Deca , which I ran for 8 weeks. My bulking diet consited of:

    3700 calories
    380g protien
    320g carbs
    90 g fat

    I started at a wieght of 209lbs and approx. 20% bf. I gained 17lbs and dropped to 18% bf over the course of eight weeks.

    March 1 I started my cutting cycle and diet. The cycle is Test Prop, Tren , and Clen . I adjsuted my diet, and began doing cardio. My plan was/is to diet for 8 weeks and get to approx. 9% bf. With a starting weight of 226lbs I estimated my goal weight to be between 200-205lbs.

    After 4-1/2 weeks of dieting I am back down to 209lbs, so I have lost 17lbs. I have maintained my strength and certain body parts continue to grow. I am getting alot more attention now and a lot of "how much weight have you gained?" questions. Funny how losing weight can make you look bigger.

    My training split is this:

    2 days on 1 day off at 5:00am.

    Rotating: Quads, Chest-Tri's, Back-Bi's, Shoulders-Hamstrings

    Cardio: Directly after lifting, and on off days. I usually do cardio on the stair climber. I started at 20min./day and have moved up to 30min./day.

    So here is the diet in detail. It has worked well so far, but I fear I will be hitting a plateau soon. I am sure there is plenty of room for adjustments so please help. Remeber I am still new with nutrition, so some of my nutrient values may be off some.

    I have it listed as Calories, Protein, Carbs, Fat

    4 scoop shake 532 84 36 6

    9:15 AM:
    2 chick breast 520 100 0 12
    1/2 baked potato 73 1 17 0

    11:45 AM:
    8 oz. Steak 460 68 0 18
    1/2 sweet potato 51 1 12 0

    2:30 PM:
    2 chick breast 520 100 0 12
    1/2 cup brown rice 108 2.5 22.5 1

    5:00 PM:
    Isopure 200 50 0 0

    7:00 PM:
    1/2 lb. Ground beef 280 44 0 10
    Green Beans 100 1 7 0

    9:00 PM:
    Isopure 200 50 0 0

    Totals 3044 501.5 94.5 59

    Also I drink 1-1/2 gallons of water/ day, I have one cheat meal/ week, and I have started supplementing with fiber. I felt like I needed the fiber because I eat very few vegetables. Next week I plan on dumping the baked potato and adding oatmeal in its place.

    My main concern is fat. Is 60g of fat enough, and is it a problem that my main sources are from red meat and poultry?

    Thanks for any input. I will be posting some pictures soon.

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    Bump. Hoping for something from Swole or another guru

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    beatin it up...
    You have too many grams of protein in your first 4 meals. Also, where's the cardio layout in your diet? Whats your cardio pwo nutrition look like? You need proper cardio pwo nutrition to promote and keep lypolysis going. You also need to get some more good fats in there as well. I utilize flax seeds, almonds and other nuts.

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    Cardio is always in the a.m., before any meals. On lifting days I do cardio after lifting, so it is at about 6:20 am. On non-lifting days, it is after abs and calves, so it is at about 5:30 am. My post workout meal is always the same: 4 scoop shake 532 84 36 6.

    I have a feeling the protien-carb ratio is wrong here?

    How much fat should I have? Should I add flax or almonds to my last meal of the day?

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