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Thread: loosing bf

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    loosing bf

    iv been really having a hard time trying to loose weight and bf. i keep bouncing up and down , im am getting results but their not constant plus im loosing to much strength . at any rate iv developed this diet and workout plan and hope it will work out for me. im at 18%bf 207lbs 6'1 . 3 years ago i used to be 308lbs so i lost lots of weight since but i think i screwed up my metabolism big time with too many crash diets and all. i have good shape now and feel much better but i really want to get below 13% bf with no juice. iv started an ECA 5 days ago. heres what im doing now:
    sat: back traps and cardio . 230 g carbs 250 protein and about 50 g fat
    sun: chest and cardio . 150g carbs, 250 g protein and 50g fat
    mon: cardio and abs zero carbs , 250g protein 70g fats
    tues: legs and bis 250 g carbs 250g protein 50 g fat
    wed: off zero carbs 250g protein 70 fat
    thur: shoulder and tris and cardio 150g carbs 250g protein 50g fat
    fri off zero carbs 250g protein 50 fat
    as u can see im dong some carb cycling . all my carbs come from vggies oatmeal and fiber one cerial and some skim milk plus the sugar from the grape juice i have after lifting. fats are from nuts and olive oil and proteins from lean sources.
    does this look like a good diet/workout plan for you guys to loose bf? any sugesstions are appreciated i really need some help here

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    Check out Rambo's sticky atop the page.

    Wonderful assistance there in developing a sound approach to fat loss.


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