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    Swolecat: M1T Questions

    I've been to the supplement boards and searched on yahoo, but couldn't find any "great" info on pros and cons of M1T. I would like some input before I order it. Info like....should it be stacked or is it OK by itself; do you need 6OXO with it; do you need clomid post supplementation; how does it compare to regular test? Thanks fellas....I know this isn't the place for this type of question, but the diet board guys are the guys I trust.

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    im not SC, this is my .02 though, i havnt taken it, and have read a few of the threads and my take is everyone seems to brag to no end about it, so it must have something going for it, and if its as potent as stated, then youll def need some pct. also alot of ppl take 4ad for a week before hand, and some dont, those who dont havnt complained about gains. they do however take 20mg a day, some even go low to 10 and still have noticble gains.... for the cost id do it..... i might do it, hard to say..... but we will see after you let me know bro..

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    Yeah, I'm really not too knowledgable about this stuff, I don't use it. I know a few at my board do, and I'm sure people here do to as well.



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    Try the supplement board. I would imagine there is lots of info on M1T there.

    I've heard nothing but good things about M1T, except the extreme tiredness that comes along with it. If I took OTC products such as this, I would much rather take M1T than any pro-hormones, that's for sure.

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