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    ATKINS to Bulk.... is it Possible?

    Cardio = empty stomach
    6 Eggs = Morning
    eas advantage protein low carb bar = snack
    half chicken with green beans = lunch
    slim fast high protein low carb shake = snack
    steak or fish with mix vegtables = dinner
    1 - 2 hours after dinner I do my heavy weight workout.
    slim fast high protein low carb shake after workout.
    Bed time for 7-8 hrs.

    Please let me know if I need to eat more.
    I am not trying to get huge. But I am trying to gain some good quality muscle.

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    here is my current cycle
    I am going to week 4 on monday.
    I still see no changes.
    test Prop 100mg 1cc E 3rd D
    here is my current cycle
    deca 1cc 1 X per week
    win 50mg 1cc eod for 2 weeks starting on week 6
    Telsac 4 caps per day for 2 weeks
    How is that.

    Current weight is 214LB 14% -16% bf
    I am drinking Myoplx for my protein Supl
    Saw Palmeto with Pyngem
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    beatin it up...
    Do a search and see why it is NOT good for bodybuilders.

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    Ummm, yeah definitely do what daman1 said......

    not only that, the foods you have listed do not allow an Atkins type approach to be possible.


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    Carbs are just as important as protein for building good solid muscle.

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