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    Need help with diet!

    Need some help with my cutting diet guys. as you can see i doesnt work out alot with weights so i see no need for a PWO shake!?! Should i have some carbs instead of olive oil in the PWO meal? what about the rest. Do i need more carbs in there somewere since i need some energi for kickboxing class? i do intervall training 3 times a week and kickboxing 3 times a week and morning cardio 3-5 times a week. On off days i switch meal 1 and 2, and also eating the second meal one hour later. Need critigue please. stats=21,160lbs,183cm. Total kcal = 1800, C=100g, P=240g, F=50g

    m1 0800 - shake 40g whey + flax

    45 min cardio - running at 60-70% of max heart rate (120-140)

    m2 0900 - 55g oats + egg whites

    m3 1200 - 120g tuna + salad + olive oil

    m4 1400 - shake 40g protein + 55g oats

    m5 1700 - 200g chicken breast + 40g parboild/wild/brown rice

    1900 - 2030 kickboxing -doing high rep weight training at end of each class / high intensity intervall training

    m6 2130 - 120g tuna + salad + olive oil

    m7 2230 - 150g cottage cheese + sugerfri jello

    2330 going to bed

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    Your diet is in need of some work. Check the "UNofficial guide to cutting" thread at the top of the diet forum page.

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    Research more on diets. all what i can say regarding your question on fat intake is, Youl need a pwo shake after your weight training. This should consist of carbs and proteins. an hour or so after your pwo you should have a PPWO meal consisting of carbs and protein. Save the fat/protein meals after your AM cardio sessions.Good luck


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