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    can you bulk and do low carb???

    Just wondering

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    I would have to say there is no way of doing both...

    Carbs can help you add weight or help reduce it, but

    trying to bulk on a restricted diet... No way... Only way

    I could think is to use drugs that work well on restricted

    calorie diets like anadrol , but why bother messing around

    just bulk till you hit your goal then start cutting...

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    I agree. cant do both at the same time. try to achieve your ideal weight, definetely carbs should be part of your menu. when your satisfied you can restrict the carbs and cut.


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    You are better off doing "timed" carbs more-so than low-carbs. However, I've seen many greatly reduce bodyfat AND add lean mass at the same time.

    H*ll, I'm the one who delivered those results to those people.


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