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    Fiber and Sugar Alcohol Calories.....

    Does one count the calories they get in fiber? So if I have a product that has 0 Fat, 0 Protein, 9 grams of Fiber w/ total Carbs at 13, the actual calories would be.....

    4 Grams of Carbs x 4 = 16 calories


    13 Carbs x 4 = 52 calories

    I mean if fiber isnt absorbed it wouldnt matter, right or wrong?


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    16 kcals is how much that item would have total energy. Fiber is not absorbed, and passes right through, does not affect blood sugar either, and does not count.

    It's fun to check packages of foods to see if the companies actually added the macros correctly by subtracting the fiber. Many do, yes, but some don't...........hilarious.


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    So all this time I've been adding the calories and carbs from my fiber supplement when they don't actually count towards the totals. Oops.

    Okay, just to be certain here, the carbs from fiber in vegetables (and whatnot) don't figure into the totals, right?

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    As well, most of our fiber foods are insoluble fiber compared to soluble fiber.

    Useless info for the day.


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