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    diet on double cardio days??

    hey guys, trying to figure out what/when to eat on days i do cardio am and pm

    175-180 lbs.. i'll be back to sub 170 pretty quick

    this is my current diet for lifting/carido days.. days i dont lift i drop the PWO shake and just have a shake with flax or something

    question is.. can i still consume my brown rice/chicken meal on days i do cardio twice? cardio will be spread like 8-10 hrs apart.. i will consume a pro/fat meal 2-2.5hrs before PM cardio..

    i hope i dont have to drop the carbs completely after breakfast.. i dont know how well i can run off of like 40 carbs in a day

    Meal 1

    1/2 cup oats, 1 scoop isolate mixed in

    330 cal
    39.4 pro
    34 carb
    3.5 fat

    1000mg vit C
    cal/mag tab
    multi v

    Meal 2

    1.5 scoops isolate w/ 1tsp flax oil, 12 almonds

    272 cal
    40 pro
    4 carbs
    12.1 fat

    Pre Workout

    1 grilled chicken breast, 2 cups green beans, .5 scoop isolate

    232 cal
    39.5 pro
    12 carb
    2 fat

    500mg vit C

    Post workout Shake

    Mixed in 1-1.5L of water
    1.5 scoop isolate
    45g Dextrose
    5g creatine
    1/8th tsp salt

    10 min later, 10g glutamine

    390 cal
    49.5 pro
    47.25 carb
    1 fat

    500mg vit C
    400 I.U. vit E

    Post Workout

    3/4 cup brwon rice, 1 grilled chicken breast, 2 cups green beans, .5 scoop isolate

    394 cal
    40.7 pro
    46 carb
    2.5 fat

    1000mg vit C
    cal/mag tab
    400 I.U. vit E

    Meal 6

    1.5 scoop isolate w/ 2 tsp flax oil

    231 cal
    37 pro
    1 carb
    9.6 fat

    Daily Total / Percent Daily Intake

    1849 calories
    246.1 protein / (53.2%)
    144.3 carbs / (31.2%)
    30.7 fat / (14.9%)

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    with metal plates...
    in terms on whether u can have ur brown rice/chicken meal...were u refering to the day u do cardio twice? if thats the case, i suppose u were going to have this meal in between ur am and pm cardio? If it were, i suggest u drop those carbs and sub with a pro/fat meal instead...u definitely don't wana haf any carbs in ur system before ur cardio..peace..

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