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Thread: Is problem HGH legit?

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    Is problem HGH legit?

    I know someone that has bought one of proBLEN's supplement packages with HGH and it has really helped a lot... but I question whether the HGH is legit or not because I know you need a prescription to get it in the United States - The company is based in Texas.

    There's obviously something in the bottle that works. I'm wondering if it is something that is similar to HGH which is legal without a prescription that has the same effects on people.

    Is it really HGH, is it synthetic HGH (is that legal without a prescription?), or something that has the same effects as HGH?

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    Looks like a heavily marketed supplement at best.
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    If you want real HGH you are going to pay a lot of money for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigTahl View Post
    If you want real HGH you are going to pay a lot of money for it.
    I long for the day I can drop 5 grand on it.

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    a 191aa amino acid strain (i.e., HGH) is an extremely fragile peptide. It cannot survive warm temps, shaking the solution, nor digestion in any way. Mixing this with a 30% alcohol solution that you spray in your mouth seems ridiculous.

    if the alcohol itself does not destroy the amino acid strain then shaking the bottle, keeping it at room temp, or digesting it surely will.

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