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    Lower end of Normal Test should I do TRT/HRT ???????

    Lower end of Normal Test should I do TRT/HRT ???????

    Reposted in HRT from Over 30 Forum hopefully get some answers here.

    I have a question Im 41 yrs and training 5 years now and just had my blood tests done and they are by what I know on the low side of normal at TotalTestosterone: 12.4nmol/L ( 10.4-31.3 nmol/L) or 359.7 ng/dl( 300-1050ng/dl) , would it be a benifit to go onto a small TRT/HRT continued cycle to boost my levels up for the benifits or continue with my ASS cycles and do PCT and forget the idea and wait see how my levels are at a older age ??, Im really not sure which way is best and the reasons behind this if our levels drop as we get older why not a weekly small dose of Test ?? wouldnt this be a benifit , Im sure its got something to do with the shut down of my natural test levels , but would appreciate being cleared up on this.

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    The 'normal' ranges are in reference to 95% of all men tested in that particular age group. 'Normal' for 95% of all males, is by no means YOUR 'normal'. I was 'low-normal' in my initial test... but I'm also 24... that's just unacceptable for a man my age.

    Rule out all other possible comorbidities... get blood tests done, semen analysis (if fertility is a concern), and a pituitary MRI (to ensure you don't have a tumor causing HTPA malfunction)... then decide with your doctor if HRT is right for you.

    Best of luck to you, bro. Hope all works out.

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