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Thread: test levels

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    test levels

    recently had blood work 41 it has been around 10 months sence last cycle which was followed by proper pct. my free test level showed to be around 450 isnt this pretty low for my age? what would be normal?

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    The 'normal' ranges vary from lab to lab. My lab's 'normal' range is 400-1080ng/dl. But I've seen labs that have a range of 280-810ng/dl.

    Also, what's normal for someone else may be abnormal for you.

    My last bloodtest before starting HRT was 380ng/dl out of a range of 400-1080ng/dl... and that convinced my doctor get me on HRT.

    So you never know... just get up with your doctor on how you feel, what symptoms you're having, and what your labs ranges are.

    Best of luck to you, bro. Let us know how it all turns out.

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