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    LowTestosterone level

    Hi guys,, My libido and sex drive has been pretty much non existent over the past few months, been going down hill since my last cycle, the only thing I did differently this time was I used HCG at the end of my cycle, as per advice from a Doctor friend of mine, however I hear now that it's NOT good to do this at the end and that it could shut down my system!


    Just went to another Dr. who knows that I use gear, got my lab work back and it was 17o something, the cut off is at 200. He did a 2nd lab for; I believe Thyroid or Pituitary to see if it was my nuts or pituitary that is shutting down.

    What I want to know that provided that I start some kind of therapy next week, how long do you think it may take for a health man to get his test levels back up?

    And lets say it takes a month, can I THEN start my next cycle of gear or is do I need to wait a few months?

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    If you are put on testosterone , your level may be into the normal range in a few days. it depends on whetether you use transdermal (normal levels in a day or two) or injectable(may take a few weeks). As to when you should do a cycle-I'll defer that to the more knowledgable members.

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    hCG in itself is supressive to your HTPA. But using it throughout your cycle will make it easier for your PCT to do it's work.

    If you're shutdown... but not permanantly, the time it will take for you to recover normal natural test levels depends. Some people can take up to 19 weeks to return to normal (I'll find the study and post it later).

    If you ARE gentuinely testosterone deficient... the HRT is the only option, bro.

    Best of luck to you!

    Best regards,

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