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    Exclamation TRT- Watch your PCT!!!

    I have done five cycles now prescribed by a clinic that will go un-named. Each cycle, I was able to up the amount of test that they gave me, however, they prescribed on 1/2 teslac every other day as an anti-estrogen.

    I did not have any symptoms of gyno and thank God still do not, but when I got my last blood test done, my estrogen was through the ceiling.

    When I sent my results to Oasis to set up my next cycle (decided to check out their pricing... which by the way was about 20%-30% lower), the rep on the phone asked what I was using for an anti-e, when I told him he sent me a couple of addresses off the home page for this site. I had read the info on teslacs but did not read the dosage carefully since what I was taking was prescribed by a doctor.

    Bad News!!! I was taking one quarter of what was recommeded and what was recommended by the clinic was ONE EIGHTH of the dose recommended on the site.

    In short, if you are not using Oasis (where the bros have the sh#t together and understand gear), make sure that you are using enough anti-e.

    I got off lucky, but if I was prone to gyno, there might be one dead TRT doc.

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    thanks bro for the info..

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