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    ? on low HGH and Test Levels

    What is considered a low # for these two. I had blood work done and the Dr. side I was on the low side on both. He sugguseted taking some supplements to bring them up. Well that hasnt work so next week I go back and hopefully get sricpts for both. What are low #'s so I can go in there and make a case for myself to be prescibed both....legally!

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    This is the place to find out.
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    Low levels are defined differently by specific clinics and medical organizations, but most research has shown testosterone (total) to be optimal between 700-1200ng. Most endocrinologists say between roughly 300-800ng, but optimal health benefits along with physical benefits will be seen with the former. Of course additional bloodwork (estrodiol, prolactin, dht, LH, etc) is needed to determine the cause of low tesosterone (primary or secondary?).

    As for gh levels, measured through igf-1 in the blood, is optimal between 250-350ng

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