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    ? on low HGH and Test Levels

    What is considered a low # for these two. I had blood work done and the Dr. side I was on the low side on both. He sugguseted taking some supplements to bring them up. Well that hasnt worked so next week I go back and hopefully get sricpts for both. What are low #'s so I can go in there and make a case for myself to be prescibed both....legally!

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    Milky87 is offline Member
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    I think test is <200ng/dl. Not a clue for hGH

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    Anabolic CEO is offline Senior Member
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    Normal Levels are 241-827

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    Kroms_laugh is offline New Member
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    No one can answer that question with specific numbers and be dead on because those numbers vary from lab to lab. The lab that sets Anablic CEO's blood has a 'normal' range of 241-827ng/dl, but my lab's range is 400-1080ng/dl. There are several different methods measurement, I know this because my wife works for the largest lab in the nation (they handle more specimens than any others).

    You need to find out what the labs ranges are and the find a walk-in clinic that uses that same lab if you plan on setting yourself up for a script for test and HGH. I don't suggest it, because I believe in treating only what needs to be treated, but you're your own man.

    Best of luck to you, bro.

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