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    low dose of test

    i would like to know if anybody can tell me what sort of test dose would not interfere with your nat test levels, im currently running a test and decca course, im six weeks in, got six to go, but being 39 i cant tell you how good i feel when on gear, before this course i felt crap, tired all the time, after my first week on sust i felt 15 years younger, what im looking at doing is take a low dose of test between cycles , can this be done without messing up my bodys own test production, cheers dan

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    125-250mg pw
    Have a look at this may find it interesting

    restandol/andriol for hrt....

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    I disagree with using test to bridge cycles while natural testosterone production is still a concern of the patient. hCG , even tho it in itself is supressive to testosterone production, will give you the same sense of well-being and vitality that you do on gear.

    I'm certain someone's already told you this, or you are aware of it but if you're worried about natural testosterone production... nandrolone was not a good choice in gear, being the most supressive.

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