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    My testosterone score, what's up!?

    I've had my Test levels checked before and they said they were low. I just had them done again a couple months ago and docs said that I was normal again.

    I decided to dig up my lab tests from last time and this is what I saw:

    13.3 nmol/L

    *My friend tells me that's around 240 ng/dl*

    Anyway, it seems this is still low, correct? Docs said it was fine but everything I'm reading indicates that as low.

    A couple years back I did a Deca only cycle with no PCT whatsoever... yes, stupid I know! Is it possible I am still screwed up from that?

    What are some things I can do to bring that score up?

    I am in good shape and supplement with Zinc and such. I am doing a saliva collection now to check cortisol/dhea levels today, perhaps that will shed some light.

    I sleep 9 hours a night and don't drink at all. My BF is at 9.5%.



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    Testosterone Levels

    It is also important that when you get your levels checked that you repeat the test at the same time of day that the first one was done. Levels fluctuate during the day and typically higher levels are result of a morning test. There would be additional testing that may shed some light on the subject. example SHBG and LH levels. Also any type of activity that occured before the test was taken. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us.

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    Oasis, I'd love to contact you guys, but I live in Canada, I don't think you guys work up here as well, correct?

    The scary thing is I'm only 26 years old, and in very good shape naturally. Let me know if you can help in my region.

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