I am pretty sure my test levels are low and have been low for a long time. And soon I will have my levels tested to verify what I already think is the case. I have suffered from depression for about 6 years, which all the doctors have wanted to treat with AD meds.

Now that I am in my 30's it seems very clear that I am suffering from the effects of low test. Muscle is harder to add and my engery level is that of a 70 year old man. Honestly, I don't care about adding a ton of mass I just hope adding test gives me the engery and sharpness that I feel I have lost over the years.

I am not a real heavy guy, but it seems no matter how hard I try I can't harden my body up. I can lift and lift and lift, but if I take a week off my body is right back at square one. I've always had "soft" muscles even when I lift hard and gain size. Another red flag is that I seem to store fat in my upper chest, lower back, gut area, and legs. Which I believe are from having lower test levels and higher estro levels.

One thing that could be adding to my estro sides is that I take avodart (wow some of us go the short end of the DNA chain) to treat MPB. Btw, The drug has worked GREAT for me for about 3 years now. Hair looks great, and looks thick! However, prior to taking the avodart I still had all of the low test symptoms.

I know these personal stories might get old to people online, but I really hope once I get my levels tested and if they are low I can report back about how starting HRT has helped me. If I am wrong about my levels then so be it and I will continue with my AD med and continue to workout and keep my faith that I will feel better soon.

Any feedback from people that are on HRT would be great to hear. How has it helped you? How do you feel on HRT? Any info you guys can provide would be great!