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    Endroconoligist vs uroligist ???

    Yeah I know the spelling sucks but life does too at times. I am curious as to peoples feelings about which one it is better to use in the HRT question. I would tend to believe that the endo would be the best since we are really dealing with hormonal levels and effects. My insurance will cover both so I hope to hear information about both either pro or con.

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    I would think the endocrinologist would be better versed in questions concerning HRT. The urologist could help you with problems concerning bladder, prostate, urinating difficulties, things of that nature. Kind of more like an internist that specializes in problems of the urinary system. The endocrinologist is versed in hormones, where they are secreted from, and their action. Is this the info you were looking for?

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    Endo all the way, unless junior is on strike, then you might want to see a urologist.

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    I use an urologist who specizes in HRT, my endo doesn't seem to want to help me out. I have low HGH/IGF-1 but no script yet for HGH


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    Unfortunately, most Endochronologists are extremely good at diagnosing what you may or may nto have, but not very good at treating it (in my experience). I have been on TRT in some form for a little over a year now and found it was not until I ended up at an anti-aging specialist that i received truely good servie and treatment. Someone who understood both the testosterone and estrogen issues. Someone who understood maintaining a solid T ro E2 ratio. Etc..

    I would go with whomever you feel most comfortible with but ask questions going in so you don't waste your time. Find out how many TRT patients the doctor has. Notice I said TRT, not HRT. You want a doctor who is familiar and comfortible with treating men. Next ask what methods of TRT they use. If they like shots, find out how often they provide shots. Every 2 or 3 weeks is stupid and will only make the highs to high, the lows to low, and the Estrogen out of control. Patches and gels are OK for some, pellets great for others. Ask and find out. This will really expose them for how experienced and what their real feelings are on TRT. Many just go through the motions, others really beleive in it as a way to help their patients lead a healthy life.

    Hope this is of any use to you.

    Good luck.


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    I posted a thread in the Over 30 forum along these lines. Would someone give it a look. BTW, I'm going through my urologist.

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    Both are good options. Also, andrologists, but I dont think that is a profession in the US, just in Europe.

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