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Thread: slin dart iu's?

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    slin dart iu's?

    okay i am wondering but wanna make sure im right before i questions is this, if i wanna start with 4 or 5 IU;s a day after my work out not before cause i am new to this, that would be equvalent to 16.5 on the slin darts right? would that be a good dosage to start with? and is it okay if i dont do any post workout shots of slin? thanks

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    No, the 10 on the pin is 10iu then each line below that is 1 or 2 iu depending what pin you have.


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    if you have a 29g 1/2 cc pin that says 50 as the highest number, that means that each little mark=1 iu correct?

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    Yeah bro.....I have the 30 G 1/2 cc (50 iu) slin pin........If you use U-100 Inulin then just pull whatever you need to if you want 5 iu PWO then pull 5iu on the dart.

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    Yeah I think 4 IU is a good dose to start on. I heard people say start on about 2 IU and increse da dosage by 1 IU every workout till you get to the dosage you want to stay at. But I think thats just plain and simple playing safe which I think is also a good idea.

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