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    is my humalog still good

    im in the process of moving out of my apartment which i share with three friends. one of the last things i left was my minifridge which contained my humalog. one roomate decided that until their new roomate moved in my old bedroom would become his shoe room and he would move my minifridge. the only problem is he did not plug it back in so my humalog has been sitting in it for at least a week and not cold. is it still any good?

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    the drug store
    Ooooh...this could be a problem....I don't think I would use it if it has been out of
    the fridge for a week.
    Just my thoughts...

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    You can store it at room temp for at least 30 days with no real problems. it should be fine

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    Einstein, does that mean you could buy it without it having to be express mailed on ice? Or this time of year would it get too warm?

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