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    Exclamation Gh causing Disc narrowing and hypertrophic endplate changes

    I just had an mri or my thoracic spine.
    __________________________________________________ _______________
    The impression was :
    Disc space narrowing and hypertrophic end plate changes are present in the T6-T7 , T7-T8, T8-T9, T9-T10, and T10-T11 Disc spaces . There is also some posterior disc bulging at T7-T8 and T10-T11 .
    __________________________________________________ _______________

    My Doctor (who is actually a RPA) is telling me that the hypertropic disc changes are from the drugs I am taking.
    Is the Gh and/or testosterone really responsible for making my spine grow and also making my discs bulge ?
    My other questin is how bad of a condition is this? I would guess that most guys that either bodybuild or do physical labor that involves lifting heavy equiptment at work probably all have some bulging discs that they dont even know about. I actually feel no pain nor discomfort. The mri was done by mistake. I was supposed to have my right shoulder mri because of a problem I am having with a muscle I pulled in my rib cage, but instead they did the t- spine by mistake.
    But with the results of this mri, i cant help but be concerned that the gh may be actually elongating or making my spine grow. By the way, I just started using Gh . I have taken 4.5 iu day for about 60 days now. I have just opened my third kit.
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    Did you ask your Doc for some studies showing this or any medical litature you can read on it? That would be the best way to know for sure, call him/her and ask for some so you can read up on it. Tell her/him you want to ake an active role in your health care issues.

    If he/she blows you off then they were lying or trying to scare you out of using gear. If that's the case look for another Doc because if they can't be straight with you wouldn't you want them in charge of your health.


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    You've got nothing to compare it reference MRI of yours. GH potentially, but likely, it has absolutely nothing to do with GH or AAS. If you X-rayed and MRI'd everyone, you could ascribe a musculoskeletal "abnormality" to virtually everyone. If you've noticed no increased pain or stiffness, I wouldn't be concerned.

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    Thank you very much. I agree with you. The only thing that puzzled me though was the hypertropic endplate changes . Correct me if i am wrong, but after we reach a certain age, our bones and stuff stops growing. I am 30 years old, so if hypertrophy occurred in my spine at this point in my life, it must be the gh that caused skeletal growth. Which is not a bad thing as far as I see it, unless it compresses or bulges some of the discs in the spine.
    thanks alot again .

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