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    Any benefit in bridging with HGH?

    I plan on cycling slin 4on/4off throughout PCT and my off time (around 3 months total). I was wondering if I would see any real benefit by running HGH the entire time im off. I was originally going to give IGF another run, this time using a gensci kit, but I can get hgh for around the same price. Should I...

    1) Run the hgh/slin between this and next cycle
    2) Run igf/slin (the igf would only be run once, probably right after PCT is over)
    3) Just cycle slin, save the $$$

    Originally wouldnt think about running hgh at my age (22) but the price sparked my interest.

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    HGH/'ll retain your mass much better with HGH.6 weeks after running IGf at pct,some bros are seeing there little gains vanish.

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