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    insulin question

    hey guys,

    OK so my brother needs help putting his cycle together he has prop, eq and winny and insulin , i told him to run it like this
    prop week 1-15 100 mg's eod
    eq week 1-12 200 mgs twice a week (sat night and tuesday morning)
    winny 50 mg's ed week 6-12
    the only problem i have is telling him how to shoot the insulin, because i have no experience with that. this is going to be his fourth cycle but his first one with insulin, he's 5'11" 225 with 10% bf. thanks for the help guys i really appreciate it as always. if youre wondering why he didnt post anything its because he has no access to a computer

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    you/him need to resaerch slin before you/him even think of using it.if you do the proper research you should find all the answers to your questions.there is plenty of info laid out in threads on this forum

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